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Paul DiLascia is a freelance software developer, web developer and programming journalist.
For 13 years I wrote the C++ Q&A column, aka "C++ At Work" for MSDN Magazine.


Link to articles I've	written. Well, I used to write the C++ Q&A Column for MSDN Magazine, but now I'm on indefinite sabbatical! If you need help with C++, try the MSDN forums.
PixieLib(TM) Library by Paul DiLascia new PixieLib.NET is a library of MFC classes from my MSJ/MSDN articles and columns. It has classes to implement tray icons, picture controls, coolbars, cool menus, rule-based window sizing, HTML controls, web links in dialogs and other neat stuff!
Download TraceWin (11K zip) free TraceWin 4.0 is a utility that lets you see MFC TRACE diagnostics in a separate window without running in the debugger! All you have to do is #include TraceWin.h, compile and go. Version 4.0 includes a new TraceWinListener class that lets you use TraceWin with all .NET apps. Best of all, it's free!
Windows++ book by Paul DiLascia If you want to roll your own framework, start with Windows++. Or if you just want to learn how frameworks work, you can read all about it in my award-winning book (well, it should have won an award!) Windows++, available at fine computer bookstores everywhere and Amazon.com. ACCU gives it a "highly recommended."
Now that I've retired my writing pencils, I have more time to create digital artwork! You can view my surrealistic creations at dreamcollage.com.
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