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MFC/.NET Trace diagnostics window by Paul DiLascia

TraceWin 4.0 is a utility that lets you see MFC and .NET trace diagnostics in a separate window without running in the debugger! For example, if you write:

TRACE("Hello, world");


Trace.WriteLine("Hello, world");

you'll see the words "Hello, world" in the TraceWin window. TraceWin.h uses the CRT debugging routines, so it works with non-MFC apps too! For C++ apps, all you have to do is #include TraceWin.h. For .NET apps, just add a reference to TraceWinListener.dll and write:

using TraceWin; Debug.Listeners.Add(new TraceWinTracer());

Now you can see all Trace.Write output in the TraceWin window! Click for larger screen shot

TraceWin supports Unicode. Best of all, it's free! The zip includes executable, C++ include file and .NET listener class.

free Download TraceWin 4.03 now (requires MFC7.1).

Note:The source code for TraceWin is included in PixieLib.NET.

If you're having problems using TraceWin with older (pre-Visual Studio 7.0) versions of MFC, try version 3.0.