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PixieLib.NET FAQ

What is PixieLib.NET?
PixieLib.NET is a library of C++ classes and functions that extend MFC. Each PixieLib class encapsulates some common Windows feature or behavior ignored by MFC. For example, there's a class CCoolMenuManager that converts your menus into menus-with-buttons la Microsoft Office. All you have to do is instantiate the object in your frame and call two functions. In general, PixieLib is designed to be as easy as possible for programmers to use. I know, because I'm a programmer and I eat my own dogfood. PixieLib does not attempt to do everything! It attempts to do a few things well.

Why PixieLib.NET?
As the code samples in my MSDN Magazine columns have grown longer and more complex, bugs inevitably creep in, particularly as each new version of Windows is released and breaks the world yet again. I wanted some way to make updates available to readers. A number of readers suggested I should bundle my goodies into a library. Who am I to argue?

How is PixieLib.NET different from what's in MSDN Magazine?
Most of the classes in PixieLib were first published in MSDN Magazine. However, PixieLib contains new functions, classes, enhancements, debugging tools and bug fixes not published in MSJ.  In addition, PixieLib comes packaged all together as one convenient library you can link with your app.  In some cases, I release new features to PixieLib before writing about them in MSJ.

Do I get source code?
Yes. For both the library and sample programs.

Can I use the source in my commercial app?
You may use PixieLib.NET code in your commercial app as long as you retain the original copyright text from PixieLib, or add one if you copy/paste portions to your own code. You may NOT redistribute PixieLib to others or incorporate any part of PixieLib as part of an open-source project. This restriction is inherited from Microsoft. See the documentation for full license agreement.

How big is PixieLib.NET?
PixieLib comprises around 15,000 lines of source code with over 70 classes (and the number keeps growing!) The DLL is approximately 250KB (Release) and 550KB (Debug).

What if I have a problem?
It depends. If it's a personal problem, I can't help you. If it's a programming problem with PixieLib, you can send email. I'll try to answer, but there are no guarantees. That said, you shouldn't have any trouble. Most of the classes are easy to use. PixieLib.NET comes with documentation, commented source code and several sample programs that illustrate how to use it.

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